Here we explain how our Loyalty Scheme works and the best way you can take advantage of it. First off each point you earn is worth 1p and for every pound you spend you earn 2 points. When you place your very first order with us you automatically get 20 points plus 2 points for ever pound spent. Once you get to 100 points you can claim your pound to use on your next order or you can save them and get more to spend and save around holiday times.

So that is the basics explained now for other ways to earn a lot of points to spend. Every time you write a review for a product you have brought you will earn 5 points every time. If you share our website on social media you will earn 5 points each time you share. You will then receive 5 points each unique visitor who clicks your link. If the person who comes to the website from your link registers and buys something from us you automatically earn £1. You can keep sharing the website and earning points but it won’t let you abuse the system you can only share and earn points once a day.

That is how our Loyalty Scheme works its just a way to give back to our most loyal customers. One off customers won’t really benefit from this system but our customers who have been shopping with us on a regular basis can benefit a lot and those are the customers we want to give back to.

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