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The website is now live, but we don’t even have a quarter of our products online yet. We will be adding new products every day until we have all our products are available. Even when we have all our designs on the website we will still be making new designs and adding them weekly. The website is also still being developed so expect regular changes. The website is now at a state where it is working the way we want it to, and we can improve and grow while the website is live. For all of our new customers you can use the code NEW10 at checkout for 10% off your first order for the first month of the website going live. Take advantage of the discount and our loyalty points system. When you spend money you earn points each point is worth 1p, you get 2 points for every pound you spend. You get 20 points for your first order, Click here to read how our Loyalty Scheme works and how to earn money and points. Follow us on our social media to get discount codes and to be able to enter our giveaway raffles.

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